The Guy/Gal in the Glass

PPN Autonomy and Helping others

Week 9

Mind is the Master power that moulds and makes,

And Man is Mind, and evermore he takes
The tool of Thought, and, shaping what he wills,
Brings forth a thousand joys, a thousand ills: —
He thinks in secret, and it comes to pass:
Environment is but his looking-glass.       ~James Allen

 This week in the MKE MMA at week 9 in looking at the law of growth we see that what you focus on you get more of.

In the absence of clearly defined goals, we become busy by daily acts of  interesting events that intrigue us and learning  new things until we become ultimately consumed by these habits, behaviors and patterns.  We become so busy and so engrained in habit that we  may sometimes simply forget to stop and think.  This can cause us to gradually veer off course, unwittingly  and unknowingly taking the fork in the road that habitually and eventually lowers our  principles or values.  As principles go,  we have to be obedient to these laws or we’re going to lose. It’s just that simple. This is not for lightweights. This is some serious business folks.

After 5 years of personal development I’m grateful for what I’ve learned and grateful for being able to take what I have learned and share it with others. As well as seeing that I’ve only just touched the tip of the iceberg. I am now seeing that the progress of the individual is mostly determined by the predominant mental attitude. I would like to say the positive predominant mental attitude. And we are only limited by weakness of attention and also a poor imagination. Everything in life is now beginning to change as I am taking power of thoughts .  I see that thought is very powerful force and  thought is a force of substance. It’s tangible.

If I want more I have to ask other people. I have to ask for feedback. I have to reject rejection and persevere. It’s a lifestyle and I see that facts tell but stories sell.  That short-term actions multiplied by  time equal your long-term results, as we can tell by  the analogy of a person that would think negative thoughts for 10 hours per day and meditate on positive thoughts for 10 minutes per day. It’s the predominant or once again I will say it’s the positive predominant mental attitude that makes you go further in life. In fact it’s almost everything. If you believe it the mind will create it as a fact. Decide what you want have a positive attitude and expectation and fully expect to get it because your perception is controlled by your beliefs in your goals and it’s up to you to change all of this until you get what you want. ( you may be getting what you want already and possibly unaware).

It was just in the last 2 weeks that I had a breakthrough in  thinking and I realized that everything in the world has a process including thinking. And I heard a story of a guy saying that his mammy always used to tell him to think twice and speak once. So for me in the last couple weeks I really got that by doing these new habits and new ways of learning it’s creating something new.  Now I’m not having negative thoughts however,  I am going to acknowledge how I was thinking before so that we can relate to the story and leave the past in the past. For the last five years I’ve been doing personal development and growth courses. I’ve been doing these different sayings, doing these different things and having some good results.  It wasn’t until the mental diet when I really got that all these years it was my belief system that was holding me back. I could do this, that,  so on and so forth that I learned at all these courses but it didn’t really have anything to do with anything other than my belief system deep down.  So I woke up one morning thinking ” As a man thinketh in his heart so is he ” and I thought to myself “That’s great!  I’m an amazing person and human being that makes a difference in other people’s lives!”  It wasn’t until this point that I realized I’ve been thinking negative about myself and my value of myself has been low all my life…….. until now. A quote from the Bible also showed up  3 days  after that and it said love thy neighbor as thyself. I once again thought “Wow! This is really something how this is all going together.”

As we are constantly growing, which humans are born to do, we are constantly building…. either wisdom or ignorance and it’s according to your level of obedience and following principles and the laws that govern Our Lives and also our understanding of these laws and the use of it in our daily lives. The body is an instrument of the human mind and how we do anything is how we do everything that manifests our thoughts.

Something that stuck out for me this week is that we can choose to attach feelings with enthusiasm when we’re reading something new or thinking something new and the really neat thing is I get to choose whatever feeling I want to attach  to the thought. The law of dual thought. Im creating enthusiasm and fun in my life of success and abundance.  This is a big eye opener for me. I can feel however I want,  and attach a feeling to any thoughts I want at anytime. So I am creating happiness , joy, true health and prosperity for me and  all those around me.

The ruling state of mind is made up various mental attitudes which the individual adopts towards things, events and life in general. If the attitudes are broad in mind, optimistic in tone and true of life, his predominant mental state will be correspondent  and exhibit a highly constructive and progressive tendency. As almost all the forces of the personality function through conscious mind in one way or another and as the daily mental and physical acts are largely controlled by the conscious mind it’s obvious that the leading mental state must determine the direction which the powers of the individual must proceed.

~ Bob Proctor

So you see…..a Positive predominant mental attitude really is EVERYTHING! So let’s keep training subby and creating awesomeness to benefit us and all those we encounter !  Thank you for sharing this amazing energy with others and having an amazing life. You deserve it!

Robb S Smith


8 thoughts on “The Guy/Gal in the Glass”

  1. Thank you for your blog Rob. Like you I have been doing personal development for the last 4 years and its as though things are now moving from the conscious mind to the unconcious mind where what I thought I knew has becoming a deeper and greater level of knowing. Positive thought is actually ‘Faith’ – a knowing that travels deep inside us and right in our cells it is very different from just positive thinking.

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  2. Thanks for another great post Robb…similar to that jig saw puzzle..the one you and I and Lori talked about…you have a gift for bringing pieces together in a vibrant, creative and impactful style. I really enjoy the experience of reading your blog. POSITIVE PRODOMINANT MENTAL ATTITUDE!!!

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